Craving for something light? Or something sweet? Or something healthy? Then come visit us at Dexter’s Bakeshop and Coffee Shop and try the latest addition to our growing menu of comfort food. Try any or all of these new items and find another reason to come back often to Dexter’s:

Healthy Salad – A melange of crisp greens and sweet fruits, sprinkled with almond slivers and served with honey mustard dressing. It’s the delicious way to stay healthy.

Fish and Chips – Fish fillet dipped in our special batter, then fried to a golden brown crisp. Served with homemade fries and two dips.

Hungarian Pasta – A light and filling pasta dish with chunky hungarian sausage in olive oil. Perfect as a snack or a full meal.

Banana Balls –  Crispy, bite-sized balls made of ripe banana, served with chocolate dip. It’s the perfect and sweet way to cap off your meal.