When L.A. Tenorio came to Dexter’s and told us about the theme of his son Santi’s first birthday, we immediately felt excited.

His “Avengers”-themed party needed a cake that was just as heroic, bold and modern. To capture these qualities on a cake, we immediately thought of the iconic Stark Tower, and started constructing it from sugar. From there, Dexter’s Bakeshop added a sense of adventure to the cake by putting in hand-painted portraits of Iron Man, Captain America and Thor. Miniature versions of these heroes were also added to delight Santi.

Santi's 1st birthday cake
Santi’s 1st birthday cake

As planned, the cake was a visual treat that excited the birthday boy, his family and his guests. And Dexter’s would like to thank L.A. for letting us create this heroic masterpiece for his little hero.