Dexter’s Today

Driven by their father’s passion, Raymond continues to innovate in the art of cake making. Dexter’s Bakeshop was one of the first in the country to use fondant icing, and their expertise in fondant is admired in the industry.

In 1997, the Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines, through its Chefs on Parade competition, elevated Dexter’s Bakeshop to their Hall of Fame after wining the Gold with Distinction award in two different categories for 3 straight years.

Dexter’s wedding cakes have been featured in wedding specials and magazines, as well as popular television series and movies. They have also been part of wedding exhibits both in the Philippines and in the US. From their first store in Cubao, Dexter’s Bakeshop now has a showroom and workshop in Katipunan. Here, customers can drop by and marvel at the different sugar masterpieces that are created by Raymond and his team. Cakes that are characterized by creativity, uniqueness and imagination.

These are the qualities that guided Dexter Rebolledo when he opened his first bakeshop 40 years ago. And the same qualities that guide the Rebolledo family today as they continue the sweet legacy that their father started.