Some people dream in black and white. Some people dream in color. Dexter Rebolledo dreamt in sugar.

In 1971, he opened the first Dexter’s Bakeshop in his hometown of Bulacan. His dream was to create cakes that were more than just sweet treats, but masterpieces in sugar. His earliest creations were wedding and birthday cakes that were characterized by their fine royal icing and spectacular sugar decorations. Each flower, figure and panel was handcrafted from sugar and hand painted with meticulous details. This became Dexter’s signature, and soon after, it also became his legacy.

As word of his cake making genius spread, he opened Dexter’s Bakeshop in Cubao to meet the demands of his growing clientele. From their workshop, Dexter, and his wife Josefina, taught their children the fine art of baking and sugar crafting. Not long after, word of the talented baking family spread, and they were invited to teach their art in several countries in Asia and the U.S.

Dexter Rebolledo passed away in the 90s, but the legacy of Dexter’s Bakeshop continues to live on. Today, all their bakeshops are still managed by Josefina Rebolledo. Their children, Raymond, Grace, Roland and Roderick are all involved in the business with Raymond as the Creative Director.